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Shane's Food Fun Runs

Bringing people together for 3 of my favourite things: RUNNING, FOOD, & FUN!

What happens during a Food Fun Run?

The concept is simple: We meet, we run, and then we eat.

We've organized 26 events for Toronto and Hamilton. Some of our destinations have included: ramen RAIJIN, Matty's Patty's Burger Club, Descendant Pizza, Chica's Chicken, Eastbound Brewing Company, Blondie's, Maker Pizza, Rudy Burger, Martello Restaurant, and Hambrgr.

These outings are intended to provide people with a FUN, inclusive, & welcoming atmosphere...and, we're all about positive vibes! 

Do you want us to run to your restaurant?

Are you interested in running with us sometime?

Please send me an email:

Shane's Food Fun Runs
Shane's Food Fun Runs
Shane's Food Fun Runs
Shane's Food Fun Runs
Enjoying our post-run meal.
We reached our destination, now it's ramen time!
A quick stop in the Distillery District.
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