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Toronto Shane's Tours

Discover Canada's largest city with tours personalized around your specific interests.

Toronto Shane's Tours -
City Walking Tours

The guy that brought you the popular Shane's Food Fun Runs community running events is excited to provide personalized walking tours called Toronto Shane's Tours.

These tours are perfect if you're seeking the following:

  • Cool and interesting areas of the city.

  • Great places to capture photos. (i.e. street art, murals, attractions, etc.)

  • Fabulous breweries/brew pubs with tasty craft beer options.

  • Discovering fantastic spots to sample delicious food.

  • Popular landmarks/attractions.  (i.e. The 'Toronto Sign', St Lawrence Market, Kensington Market and Yonge and Dundas Square)

  • Someone to look after your in-law's because you have a 'George Costanza/The Rosses-type' of relationship with them.  

These tours aren't for you if you're seeking the following:

  • Boring, historical fact-filled descriptions of every building you pass.

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Shane - Toronto Shane's Tours - Graffiti Alley
Shane - Toronto Shane's Tours - Maker Pizza
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