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Meet Shane

Community Builder and Events Specialist

Although I'm not originally from Toronto, I've lived in the city for 20+ years now. When I'm not working in the world of sales, I enjoy exploring the city on weekends. Some of my favourite places include Kensington Market, Trinity Bellwoods Park, St Lawrence Market, and the Queen Street West area. One of my favourite things is showing people around 'The Six' when they come to visit and letting them experience how great the city is, especially in the Summer. As an avid runner and food-lover, I founded Shane's Food Fun Runs as a way to bring people together in a positive, inclusive environment while supporting local businesses.  During my injury recovery, I also started Toronto Shane's Tours as a way to help tourists get a glimpse of Toronto during personalized walking tours. If you want to see Toronto through the eyes of a local, these tours are the perfect way to see the city in a short time!

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